1. If you’re reading this…
    Congratulations, you’re alive.
    If that’s not something to smile about,
    then I don’t know what is.
    Chad Sugg, Monsters Under Your Head (via hey-im-mish)
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  2. Dear anon,
    Since when did the clothes one wears determine their gender identity? Since when did the clothes one wears take on a gender of their own? I dress like no one but myself, and I am Greg. So whether I am wearing a button up or a dress, those clothes are mine and no matter what stereotypes society, or a stranger on the internet, projects onto them they are still mine. And you know what? I feel bad for anyone with a narrow enough mind to succumb to societies stereotypes.

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  4. cheesus crust
    me, after choking on pizza (via theimpalaslovechild)
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  5. tjaw96:

    If you tell me you’re going to sleep and I see you 10 minutes later on Tumblr, I understand completely.

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  6. androgynykids:

    "I’m a boy," he says as they point out
    The things attached to his chest
    The parts in his pants that should be of no concern
    To the people who keep him down without knowing
    Exactly what they’re doing, how what they’re saying
    Breaks his heart, mind, and spirit.

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  7. juuzou:

    first things first i’m the gayest

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  8. brightlights-darklives:

    My dad was complaining about buying me books yesterday and I said “well at least it’s books” and then the cashier goes “yeah it could be drugs”

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  9. hotboyproblems:

    Turn offs: private instagrams

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  10. thegirl-inred:






    do you ever get the urge to get up in the middle of the night while everyone else is fast asleep and just walk places and to be completely alone and entirely dedicated to your thoughts

    yes but the problem is i dont want to get murdered u feel me

    i feel you 

    we all feel you 

    why are so many people touching me

    This is why you don’t walk around in the middle of the night

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  11. magebird:


    If you have suffered a tragedy and someone says, “you’re in my prayers” with sincerity, and you respond with some egotistical shit about being atheist you are an emotionally inept moron.

    For real though like think about it. If someone is religious, there’s really no kinder sentiment they can express than appealing to the highest power they know for your recovery. Whether or not you think it “works” is irrelevant— the kindness is absolutely real.

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  12. cybergirlfriend:

    i hate that im sensitive and jealous and stupid and quiet and ugly and annoying 

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  13. human:

    petition to have That’s So Raven added to Netflix 

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  14. imploding-with-feels:


    elementary school was like “hell yeah”. middle school was like “hell no”. and high school. high school is just “hell”

    college is just “what the hell”

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  15. swexan:



    I’d just like to point out that 50 Shades of Grey was Twilight fanfic and Twilight was inspired by Muse so when you think about it, it’s kinda because of Muse that 50 Shades was written in the first place oh

    And Muse came from England which traces its roots back to the Anglo-Saxons and Romans, so really, in the end, Julius Caesar wrote 50 Shades of Grey.

    someone should totally just stab caesar

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